Solar Canopy, Solar Carport Parking Lot

Solar canopy installation can bring shade and clean energy to commercial properties parking lot and overall parking area’s lighting. Solar canopy is  an elevated structure that host solar panels and provide shade. These overhead solar panel installation are typically installed in parking lots or carports and covered walkways.

With solar canopy parking, the energy gained by the sunlight can be used throughout your power grid to power the lights, air conditioning, machines and electrical appliances in your building. The excess energy produced will be credited to your building by your utility company and significant reduced monthly electrical consumption.

VSE  has over decades of experiences in solar system installation and energy efficiency retrofits. We made solar process simple from start to finish with our certified and experience team. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service You’ll be comfortable with our services by choosing VSE when you’ve made the decision to go solar.

VSE experienced engineers can complete custom design, build, maintain and operate capabilities a system to your exact specifications and budget needs. VSE also offers several financing options, including purchase agreement pay monthly no-upfront cost.

Why Should You Choose Valley Solar Energy?

Valley Solar Energy (VSE) is a leading  solar energy company, solar technology applications and  retrofits. We committed to deliver clean energy solutions to home owners and commercial go solar. Our team comprise of professional customer service representatives, installers, engineers and partners with over decades of solar installation experience. We design, develop and deliver Solar technology and retrofits that help drive to produce sustainable environment outcomes.

One Stop Shop

We offer full service and variety of solar technology products so you can save more.

NABCEP Certified

We are NABCEP PV installation certifed Professional with over 15 years of experienced.

payment options

We offer few payment options including loan – pay partial or lease you pay monthly no upfront cost.

Upto 25-Year Warranty

Most our solar panels carry 15-25 years of warranty we offer optional service maintenance plans.

Solar made simple

We made solar process simple from start to finish with our certified and experience team.

Advanced Engineering

We offer variety solutions for certain types of roofs and structural engineering services for residential and commercial.

Solar Canopies Installation Approach

1. Free Consultation

We examine your utility bills for the month of June, August, October  for peak and off-peak usage to determine optimal system size.

2. Your Proposal

We  conduct survey of your property to understand  your best possible option. We detail your energy usage and financing options in proposal.

3. Survey & Design

Upon approval, we design a custom-tailored layout for your property and submit application and permit to your utility company and  the city.

4. Install & Setup

After all the permits are set VSE will deliver and precision installation of high quality solar panel back by 25 years manufacture warranty.

5. Final Completion

Final inspection completed from utility company, it’s time to turn on your solar power panels. Enjoy reduced payment on your light bill.

6. Maintaining Services

We recommend to  protect your solar investment with our routine repair and maintenance services to retain the high power production.


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