Valley Solar Energy (VSE), leader in solar energy system installation, solar technology applications and  energy efficiency retrofits. We committed to deliver clean energy solutions to home owners and commercial go solar. Our team comprise of professional customer service representatives, installers, engineers and partners with over decades of solar applications and installation experience. We design, develop and deliver Solar technology and energy efficiency retrofits that help drive to produce sustainable environment outcomes.


Our values are driven by our commitment to deliver excellent services to our clients. We truly believe that our success is dependent on the best value and the best return on investment to our clients. We walk you through the process from the beginning to the end  to make sure you get the right solution that maximum return on your investment. We continually seeking new and better ways to create the infrastructure that help meet new challenges with confidence and our core values to fuel our mission.

Technology Expertise

We’re continually pursuing opportunities for grow by offering the latest advancements in Solar technology and energy efficiency retrofits solutions to our clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Dedication & Consistency

We’re committed to support and assist our clients in solving and implementing solar energy solutions that best fit client’s needs. we’re persistent in delivering world-class Solar technology solutions to our clients.

Honesty and Integrity

We set and achieve high standards in everything we do and as part of VSE organization’s culture, we value honesty and integrity. We believe in principle and doing the right thing.

Client Satisfaction

We’re streamlined services and solutions that aligned to clients’ investment for maximum return. We’re happy to assist client throughout every step of the process from installation to continue maintenance.


One Stop Shop

We offer full service and variety of solar technology products so you can save more.

NABCEP Certified

We are NABCEP PV installation certifed Professional with over 15 years of experienced.

payment options

We offer few payment options including loan – pay partial or lease you pay monthly no upfront cost.

Upto 25-Year Warranty

Most our solar panels carry 15-25 years of warranty we offer optional service maintenance plans.

Solar made simple

We made solar process simple from start to finish with our certified and experience team.

Advanced Engineering

We offer variety solutions for certain types of roofs and structural engineering services for residential and commercial.